Captured By Karon Photography

Captured By Karon Photography provides professional photography services to local businesses and community organisations, as well as promoting the beautiful region we live in with stunning local cards and prints. The natural beauty around Rylstone & Kandos provides endless opportunities for me to capture our landscape in the perfect lighting moment for you to enjoy on your wall each day or to send to friends who are not so spoilt as us. After the local landscape has taken your breath away, you will then be amazed by the beautiful, well-cared for, old sandstone buildings in Rylstone too.

My fine art printed cards are available from Capertee Valley Saffron / No.47, We’ve Got It Made and The Almost Everything Emporium, all in Rylstone’s main street. Fine art matted prints are available from Artisan on Lewis in Mudgee. A collection of large local photographs adorn the walls of The Globe Hotel and an even larger collection hang on the walls in the residential area of Rylstone Hospital (MPS).

I am a bit of a francophile and so also have a great collection of photographs from my time in France. The French have so much pride in their country and this shows from their smallest country villages to the largest cities. Everywhere you point your camera there is a beautiful scene or building and yes, the people are beautiful and friendly too!

To see a great selection of my photographs you can follow me on Instagram @cbkaron

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