Cementa Inc.

Cementa is a biennial contemporary arts festival taking place in the post-industrial town of Kandos NSW. The festival brings together artists from urban and regional contexts for a four day celebration of the state of contemporary art in Australia.  Taking its regional situation as focus, Cementa celebrates the diversity of voices that can be heard within our contemporary arts communities.  We showcase contemporary art across the spectrum of practice, from the emerging to the established, from the obscure to the prominent.  Over 60 artists will exhibit video, installation, performance, sound, 2d and 3d artworks in venues and locations across the town. Venues will include shop fronts, vacant lots, a disused school, the scout hall, local pub, local museum, golf-course, people’s yards and surrounding bushlands.  The work will address the identity, history, and current social, environmental and economic context of the town and the region of Central West NSW.

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