Ferntree Gully Reserve and Beyond




Ferntree Gully can be accessed off Bylong Valley Way, 17 km north of Rylstone. Turn right into a sandy track at the sign, and follow this for about 2 kms to the picnic area and parking spot. There are a number of walking tracks at Ferntree Gully that take you down into the cool narrow ferntree-studded valley floor, and/or around the top edge of the rocks where you can get an overview of the valley and the unusual rock formations on either side. Allow an hour minimum to do the full loop walk returning to the picnic area, longer if you like to dawdle inspecting the rock formations, ferns and orchids along the way. Take food and water. Medium grade walk, ascents/descents on some uneven slopes and stairs. Return from the picnic area and turn left into the Bylong Valley Way to return to Rylstone. Approximately 40 km return. See also Ferntree Gully Reserve entry in Wilderness and Waterways.

Additional options:

1) Either on the way in to, or out of, Ferntree Gully, pass the turnoff on Bylong Valley Way and travel another 3 kms to the top of Growee Gulph, where headwaters of the Goulburn River have cut a stunning gorge down through the sandstone rock layers almost 300 metres/1,000 ft deep. Continue on down the steep winding road into the Gulph, with great views of enormous rock faces on the sides of the Valley. You can stop at the roadside picnic area (5 kms down the Gulph) and then return, or go all the way down into the Bylong Valley before retracing your steps. At the bottom of the Gulph, you can turn right into Growee Road (unsealed) to explore up a side valley for a few kilometres for more views of the cliffs. Return the way you came.

2) Return to Rylstone via Breakfast Creek Road. From the Ferntree Gully turn off, return along Bylong Valley Way for 7 km and then turn right into Breakfast Creek Road. This unsealed road (11 km) takes you through a pleasant valley in escarpment country into the top end of the Lue Valley. There are some gates, please close once you go through. The road intersects the Lue Road.
Turn left and return to Rylstone, 9 kms.

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