Rylstone is a heritage village on the western edge of the Blue Mountains, 238 km north-west of Sydney. The town acts as a gateway to the World Heritage-listed Wollemi National Park to the east and the scenic Capertee Valley to the south.
The local area has many fine stone buildings and is fast becoming known for its wineries, olive estates and gourmet foods.


Rylstone is noted for its stone buildings. Not only are the public houses in Louee Street and the Churches made of local sandstone but also the private homes are. This is due to the abundance of stone in the surrounding mountains. Enjoy a walk along the route laid out and view the beauty of the old buildings.

The Rylstone area dates from the 1820’s and was originally called Dabee. A request for a village to be called Tongbong was made to Governor Gipps in 1840, however he decided that the name become Rylstone. In 1884 Rylstone was elevated to the status of a town.

Rylstone Heritage Walk  Rylstone Historical Society



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